CEO & Founder

Ursula Maria Mayer

CEO & Founder

I am a computational scientist, engineer and serial entrepreneur. I have an in-depth education and expertise in Distributed Computing & Applied Mathematics as well as Interdisciplinary Collaboration & Leadership across various business domains. I am fascinated by working on cutting-edge science & tech topics and I strongly believe that if science & tech is developed with human beings in mind, it will solve a lot of burning issues we are currently facing as a society.
I founded Sciform to support clients from industry and academia in their AI & Big Data, Numerical Simulation & HPC as well as Distributed Ledger projects.
Prior to Sciform, I had various positions in market-leading companies and renowned research institutions. My work was concerned with advancing numerical and artificial intelligence methods as well as large-scale software architectures across various domains including network security, OLED and solar cell simulations, multiphase flow simulations in environmental engineering, ion transport and fluid-structure interaction simulations for manufacturing, aerodynamic simulations.
I co-founded my first company 4-dimensional GmbH in 2004. As a Managing Director and Chief Computational Scientist, I contributed numerical methods and simulation software for groundwater and contaminant transport applied in drinking water projects funded by the EU or the world bank in close collaboration with IfU, ETH Zürich.
I hold a MSc (hons) in Computational Science from TU München and a MSc ETH in Civil Engineering from ETH Zurich.
Ursula Maria Mayer, CEO, Sciform

Our Team and Partners


We are working with a team of freelancers, which are specialists in AI, data science, big data and high performance computing to be able to successfully work on diverse and large projects with you.

Tech Partner

Together with our tech partner Panter AG in Zurich, we build end-to-end solutions in AI and Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Research Cooperation

We are in contact with leading scientists from renowned research institutions in case you benefit from a research collaboration.

Our Values

Scientific Curiosity